"Invisible race" by Christopher James

God save me from the typical day.

Where I spend my life in the usual way.

Cause me to see outside of my personal space.

Let me see the faces of the invisible race.

Let me touch those lives that 

I choose not to know.

Lord you yearn for me to notice,

what am I waiting for.

Impure and unlovely as 

We all happen to be,

Let me reach out to those

That I choose not to see.

We're homeless, helpless, abandoned, abused.

Seems there's no end as we prey on each other.

Suicidal, addicted, rejected confused.

We seek relief in chemicals or the arms of another.

Worth is not measured

By what I choose to see.

Lord let these people you love

matter much more to me.

No longer resembling

the invisible race, let me

See the lives are worth loving, 

with compassion and grace.


This poem will be included in my book that is going to press this summer.

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